The Open Door

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I heard a story the other day of a musician who suddenly had a bunch of doors open for her career.  She was asked to play at a prestigious event which opened the door to connections at a major label.  She found herself placed on a fast track for her career.  The part of the story that stuck out was not that the door opened, but how she was ready for the door when it opened.  She had already done plenty of behind the scenes work so when the door opened she was ready.  She did not have to worry if this was the right door or not because she knew how to recognize an open door.

Everyone has times in their life when doors suddenly open for them.  It may be in relationships, careers, or financial opportunities, however if we are not ready, we may not even recognize the door when it opens.  The question for us is not if the door is going to open, but will we be ready?  How do we recognize when a door opens for us?

Keep Working

  1. Doors usually open for people who are working and not for people who are sitting around waiting for the door to open. Too often we find ourselves sitting and waiting for the door to open and not working toward the door open.  In relationships this happens all the time.  People sometimes sit around waiting for “The One,” instead of working on themselves and becoming a whole person who does not “need” someone, but can enjoy a healthy life-giving relationship with someone.

  2. Daydreams do not open doors.  Yet too many people spend their life daydreaming of a career change but never do anything to prepare for the change if it comes.  We should be working toward a dream or calling so if the door opens we are ready.

Expect an Investment

  1. Worthwhile things will cost us.  They will cost us either time or money.  The costs should not surprise us and we should not expect everything to be handed to us.  When we pay for things with our time or our finances, we treasure them and do not take them for granted.  An open door could be a course that launches a new career, an opportunity to go on a trip where you meet new people, or a personal coach who mentors you and helps you fulfill a dream.  All of these things will cost us.

  2. Too often a “poor mentality” can keep us from walking through open doors.  We see the door is open but are afraid to make the investment.  Too many people let the open doors pass them by because they are not willing to invest in their own success.  We do not need to be foolish and spend money or time unwisely, but often times the open door requires a price from us.

Get Honest Counsel

  1. We all need people we can talk to and who have permission to speak truth into our lives.  Many of us have friends but we keep those friends at a distance and do not allow them to give us an honest opinion.  Sometimes we tell others to be honest with us and when they are we get mad and stop being their friend.  The reality is we all can swerve into the stupid lane and we need people who have permission to tell us we are being stupid.

  2. People we allow to give us honest counsel can help us see if an opportunity is a real door opening or a useless waste of time or money.  We need to have people we can bring our opportunities to and ask their advice.  An outside perspective can save us a lot of headaches and wasted effort.


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