The Positive Power of a Man's Passion

I have become a big fan of anime over the last few years.  Shows like One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, and Hunter X Hunter have become favorites.  The most appealing aspect of them is the way they relate passion.  You actually see the passion in a character’s eyes, which is amazing when you think that it is a drawing!  I have even ended up standing in my living room all by myself screaming at the TV in tears because a character is doing something amazing!  I know that sounds weird to some, but that is the way men were designed.  We are passionate by nature and when we get into something, we are usually ALL IN.  You see that in sports, business, clothes, technology, etc….  I think men should embrace their passions.  Our world needs men of passion because men of passion make a difference.  Too many voices want to silence the passion of men today and we should fight against that.  We don’t need men’s passions silenced, we need them directed.

Men should not stop being passionate but they should build parameters for their passions.  Passion out of control is destructive, but passion that is controlled can make a positive difference.  Passion parameters are like the walls of a house, they bring stability, direction, and safety to every man’s life.

Walls Stabilize

  • You can’t build a house without a wall.  Walls hold the roof up and provide the stability for everything on the inside.  When a man has good parameters for his passion, he isn’t living an out of control destructive life.  His life can grow and become a positive place of building himself and his family.  A man who has no control over his passions won’t be stable and usually brings a lot of destruction on himself and those closest to him. 

Walls Direct

  • A house helps us to know what is ours and what is someone else’s.  We have our property which is symbolized by our house.  Imagine if we all just lived in an area with no housing.  We would end up being wherever and no one would have any clear direction of what belongs to who.  A man without walls doesn’t take responsible ownership of his own life or the lives of those around him.  He becomes a creature of his own appetites which causes him to travel wherever his cravings take him.  Too many men are walking that path today and we see the destruction it is bringing.

Walls Protect

  • When the weather is really bad, being in a house helps us to be safe from the elements.  A man who has no parameters does not have that type of safety for his own life or the life of his family.  Too many men have lost everything because of the overcoming passion of their gambling addiction.  There was no safety for him or his family and everyone suffered.  Just like a house protects us from the elements, parameters protect men from their own cravings.

How are you doing when it comes to your passion?  Are you directing your passion, or is it out of control?

You can start building your house and bring more stability, direction, and safety to your life and your family’s life.

I have a free resource that can help you.  It is called The Own Your Passion 3 Day Dare.  It will give you some guidance on how to bring healthy parameters to your passion so you can make a positive difference in the world.

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