The Real Joe Lau Interview

Key takeaways from our interview with Joe Lau:

Joe is a self-made entrepreneur. He has founded six companies and sold three of them resulting in multiple seven-figure profits. As a successful entrepreneur, speaker and quality of life coach, Joe inspires and challenges people to connect with who they truly are so that they can have meaningful relationships and live a healthier and higher-quality lifestyle. Joe’s approach simplifies the process to achieving a harmonic life by focusing on the things that truly matter. He teaches his clients to practice gratitude and appreciation to better all areas of their life from fitness to family to finances. His methods help his clients become the best version of themselves and allow them to play more, live more, and make more.

Joe has an upcoming 7-day challenge for entrepreneurs:

What is the end goal for your kids?

This question helps you focus and parent because it gives you a big picture to focus on as a dad and a couple.

Spend time as a couple talking through what the end goal for your kids is and how to get there.

This helps you to combine both styles of parenting so you are unified and argue less.

If you need help, get an outside source to help you work through differences.

Get Better at Saying No

You want to see everything through the lens of your priorities. When you say yes to something, you are saying no to other things.

Your family must be your yes more than other things.

You still have responsibilities and obligations to fulfill, but your family is a priority in how you plan and live your life. They don't just get the leftovers.

What Do I Want To Be Known For As a Man

This question helps you set your most important priorities. The end goal of your life gives you the strength and guidance for the daily decisions.

Being a dad is not a separate role for you as a man. It adds a responsibility to who you already are as a man. Your role as a dad isn't a "job" that you do, it becomes part of your life mission as a man.

Your Children Don't Belong To You

Your children aren't your property. They are your responsibility to raise and find their unique gifts and abilities.

You help shape them in the way they were designed, you don't try to force them into your "image" of what they should be.

Be a student of your child, and learn the individual characteristics of each one.

Takes Time For Yourself As A Man

You need to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually. The more whole you are as a man, the better husband and father you will be.

Takes Time For Your Wife

Schedule time with your wife to be together. Let it just be the two of you hanging out and being together.

Takes Time For Your Kids

Be intentional about how you spend your time with your kids. Schedule your time so that you have plenty of time to just "be" with them.

The Important Things Go On Your Calendar

If you want to make sure to get your priorities taken care of, you put them on your calendar. Time with yourself and your family doesn't happen by accident.

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