The Reality Pill

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

One of the funniest moments early in my marriage was when my wife and I were walking in a crowd.  We were headed to a certain store and she asked, “Where is it at?”  I said, “It’s right over there.”  She quickly replied I can’t see anything but people!  It hit me at that moment that everyone can’t see where they are going.  I’m above six feet and can usually always see where to go in the crowd, but I had never thought about the fact that not everyone can do that.  It was a weird dose of reality for me.

Sometimes reality hits us in funny ways like that and other times in life we have feel like we’ve swallowed a reality pill.  This isn’t a real pill but it is a situation where reality hits us in the face.  Some are major realities and some are minor.  The question does not focus on what the reality is as much as what we will do with it.  Reality remains useless to us if we do not do anything with it.  We must honestly deal with reality in two different ways

See the Reality Honestly

  1. Oftentimes we struggle with the realities of life based on our personality.  Some people are optimistic and see the glass half full.  Some people are pessimistic and see the glass half empty.  The reality shows that the glass only has half and we need to do something about it!

  2. Sometimes we get caught up in what we think about reality instead of seeing the truth of the reality.  We have to be honest about the situation first before we decide whether to be optimistic or pessimistic about it.  Too often we are so busy thinking about how we are thinking about the situation that we never actually deal with the situation.  We struggle with things like our weight or our lack of exercise, but we spend all our time feeling bad about it instead of actually doing something about it!

Move on the Reality

  1. Many men when they see the reality of a situation, get paralyzed trying to figure out what to do.  This can come from a perfectionist mindset.  Men will put something off until they can do it “right.”  The problem shows up when they keep putting something off over and over again.  Perfection shines as a noble goal, but it really ends up paralyzing us.

  2. When we move on a situation, it becomes easier to change directions as needed.  Steering a moving car is much easier than moving a parked car.  We must start moving on a situation now and not always wait until we can do everything perfectly.  This is why getting other people to help us can be a key to making a change.  Instead of worrying about whether you “should” be able to do it by yourself or not, get help and just do it.

Reality pills are hard to swallow because they involve us looking honestly and openly into ourselves.  Too often we see the ugliness of our own selfishness, or fear, or etc….  However, we cannot change the situations until we look at the reality of the situations.  

Don’t be afraid of reality!  Get real with it and then do something about it.

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