The Secrets to Understanding Women

Men and women have been trying to understand each other for as long as we have been around. The reality is that men and women are different. This difference is not a detriment to either side, but it is the beauty of how we are designed to be together.

Men and women both bring marvelous strengths to their relationship. However working through and understanding each other can be confusing and frustrating for both sides.

For men to understand women, there are some key mindset changes they have to recognize.

Get the Right Mindset

  • Men don’t have to understand all women, just one of them. You are only married to one or you are only dating one at a time. This is why relationships are designed to be one man and one woman. History and reality TV show that when a man is married to multiple women, it never turns out good! Guys who seek to conquer women aren't trying to understand them, they just want to use them. This type of relationship is selfishly focused. these men aren't looking for relationships they are looking for "medals" in their own mind

  • Your mind should focus on your wife and only her when it comes to an intimate relationship. this is why it is so important to marry a woman of depth and character. If you are single, your first focus is not actually on a woman but on yourself. Your main goal is to develop yourself to be the best man you can be. Then you will be ready to find the right type of woman. When you know yourself, you know what personality and type of woman fits you the best

Recognize their Individuality

  • Every woman is an individual and we shouldn't group them all together in our mind. Men should not accept stereotypes and should seek to know women as individuals. They are individuals in every way and that is the fun of getting to know them as individuals. This is why marriage is so great because men can spend all of their time and energy focusing on one woman.

  • The joy of knowing them as individuals is seen when you get to know them as a real person and can encourage them to grow and develop their full potential. True intimacy in relationships come when the couple see each other as individuals and seek to know each other openly and honestly.

Become a Student of Them

  • To get to know women as individuals you must become a student of them. This means you seek to find things out and write them down. Writing down doesn't show that you don't care, in fact it shows that you do care. You care enough to write down the important stuff. Write down their favorite items, their dreams, etc...

  • As a husband you want to focus on getting to know your wife for who she is on the inside. This means you want to get past her masks. Everyone has masks that they wear. these are the parts we play in different areas of our lives. As men, we must take out masks off to encourage our wife to take her mask off.

  • When you are single, you lean how to be authentic and you seek to have an authentic relationship with a woman. That is why you should hold off on sex until you are married. Sex is so powerful that it will hide areas that a couple needs to know about before they get married. Too many couples have gotten married based on the attraction of sex only to figure out later that they have nothing in common.

So as you seek to understand women, realize that you don't have to understand them all. If you are married, you just have to understand one. If you are still single, work to develop yourself. As you grow, your ability to connect with a woman will grow too.

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