Thought Distancing

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

A few years ago I was speaking at a small event and was talking to a few people before we started.  I walked up and introduced myself to a man and the first thing he told me was how the economy was about to be destroyed.  A hurricane had just hit Puerto Rico and he proceeded to tell me how that was going to take our country down.  I thought to myself that this guy watches a lot of news!

We have learned a new term today: “social distancing.”  We use it so people stay apart to not spread sickness.  However, I think some people need to practice thought distancing.  They are allowing too many negative things to hurt their mindset.  We are the only ones who control our own mind and we need to practice keeping it strong and healthy.

Thought Seeds

  • Our minds flow with information all the time and we have to learn that outside things can affect our mindset.  We must be willing to look at the things we are watching and listening to and see how they are influencing us.  When people watch lots of scary movies, they usually deal with fears.  When people get caught up in the negative news everyday, it can depress them.  This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be up to date, but we need to really think about what we allowing to come into our minds.

  • Entertainment and other media can be a healthy rain to the garden of our mind or it can be a destructive storm.  The difference depends on what we allow into our minds.  Sometimes our entertainment can seem innocent, “It’s just a show, it doesn’t affect me…” but we should remember that media is designed to affect us.  Songs and shows can make us feel happy, sad, inspired, or mad.  This doesn’t mean they are bad, but we need to be careful what our steady media diet is because it does affect our mind

Thought Gardener

  • Gardeners do not grow anything.  They create the environment for things to grow.  We live as the gardeners of our mind and control the atmosphere in our mind.  What we allow to influence us can affect what happens in our head and in our house.  The responsibility of our attitude lies within us.  We cannot blame the news, the movies, or the music for what happens in our heads because we let it in.  

  • We should begin practicing thought distancing from things that fill us with negativity and fear.  This doesn’t mean we hide or deny what is really happening, but it means we take responsibility for our heads and what goes into them.  Just because there is a 24 hour news cycle doesn’t mean we have to watch it for 24 hours.  What if we went for a walk with our family for 30 minutes instead of watching “more” news?  We would probably feel a whole lot better.

Let’s think about what we are allowing into our minds right now.  We have to take responsibility as the gardeners of our own mind or we will always be at the mercy of the latest media we let in.  Thought distancing might be the healthiest thing we do today.  

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