Time for some Time Off!

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When things slow down I will….. One day I’m going to….. When my kids get older we are going to….

Do any of these sound familiar?  These excuses help us justify an overloaded schedule.  Life only gets faster and we have to be intentional to bring meaning to it.  One of the best ways to add meaning to your life happens when you intentionally use your time off.

Our time off gives us the opportunity to be intentional about our life, however many of us never think about how to effectively use it.  Oftentimes our time off gets planned for us.  We allow the whirlwind of life to take over and never use time off to build ourselves and our relationships up.  Time off should be something we are extremely intentional with, even if we are intentionally doing nothing!

Time Off Should be Used

  1. If you do not plan your time off, you will never feel the positive effects of it.  Time off is meant to give you a mental break from the routine.  You should use it to help take care of the stress and hassles of life.  Time off can be a time to catch up on projects around your house.   However, you can also use the time to do nothing and relax.  It all depends on what builds you up and the stage of life you are at.  

  2. The key to your time off is to take advantage of it and not waste it. Find the things you and your family enjoy doing and use your time off for that.  You could strengthen your relationship with your wife by planning a fun day together on your day off.  We would sometimes do what we called a “pajama day” in our house.  That involved staying in our pajamas all day and just watch movies and chill.  We usually did this during real busy seasons of life.  Find what builds you and your family up and keeps you centered on what is important.

Time Off Should be Prioritized

  1. Time off should be so important that you plan the other stuff around it.  Use your day off as a day to relax and do what is fun to you and your family.  Let all the chores and necessary things be at other times of the week.  Show your family how to balance life by prioritizing your time off.  Look ahead on the calendar and plan your days so when people ask you to do something on those days, you can say you are booked already.

  2. Time off intentionality should happen no matter the stage of life.  If you are single or newly married, time off is just as important to you as someone who has kids.  In fact, many young couples get into the habit of staying busy all the time and then when they have kids they stay in that mode and it does not help the family grow strong.  Find hobbies and things you enjoy that have nothing to do with your work and you will be better at whatever work you do, plus your family will like you more when you are relaxed and not stressed.

What are you doing next weekend?  What hobbies have you said you are going to start, but never have?

You need some focused time off, plan your next day off now.


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