Where Are You Going?

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

One of the craziest parts of doing a triathlon comes at the beginning.  Many races have an open water swim.  These can take place in a lake or the gulf, but the point is there are no lanes.  I usually swim breaststroke because I can see where I’m going and I don’t like getting kicked in the face!  One of the funniest parts of the swim is seeing people going really hard freestyle, but they are going the wrong direction.  They zig zag their way around the course and often end up way behind and very tired.  I think many men live in a similar way.  They work really hard and give life all their energy, but do not really know where they are going or feel like they are just zigzagging around.

Men need purpose!  They need to have direction and to know where they plan to arrive.  However, many men today live without a clear purpose and they are wandering through life in survival mode.  They can be working hard and achieving many things, but in the end they are zig zagging through life.  Men need to ask themselves two questions to help them see the direction of their life?

Why Am I Achieving?

  1. Why is winning so important to me?  This question should rise inside of every man’s mind to help him figure out his why.  Sometimes people are working hard to be number one and never stop to think why being number one has become so important to them.  The sad part happens when men get to be number one and figure out they are still not satisfied.   Our achievements are a big part of who we are as men, but if our achievements are the only thing that define us, we will live a sad existence.  

  2. Our achievements should not define our identity.  Achievements should flow from our identity.  Men who walk with a clear identity and purpose can achieve without burning out and letting those achievements own them.

Do I have a Purpose?

  1. What purpose drives your life everyday?  This question must be wrestled with if we are to truly live a life of meaning.  Men crave a real purpose and too many men today are trying to live their life without a meaningful purpose.  Money and success do not bring purpose, they only prolong the affects of emptiness 

  2. Men who are driven and achievement oriented without a real purpose are like a runner who joins a race and runs his hardest, but never finishes.  Too many men live with no finish line so they need take the time to figure out their own purpose so they know how they are doing.  If men don’t have a purpose, they will just zigzag through life never really knowing how they are doing.

My passion to help men find and live their adventure has brought about some big changes.  We will be offering online coaching for men to help them live their adventure.  A man’s adventure is when he explores and engages his full potential as a man.  I want to help men achieve that in their life.

Right now My “Quest for Manhood” one on one coaching is in BETA mode and is being offered at a significant discount.  Plus, I am offering a free coaching call to help men see where they are on their adventure. Click the link below and let’s connect and see where you are going!

Free Coaching Call


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