Why Men Need Hard

I am almost half way through a challenge called 75 Hard.  The challenge involves some key things that must be done everyday with no exceptions:

  • Take 1 selfie each day shirtless

  • Workout for 45 minutes in the morning

  • Workout for 45 minutes in the afternoon (workouts cannot be done together and one must be done outside)

  • Drink one gallon of water a day

  • Read 10 pages of a book to improve yourself

  • Follow a diet of your choosing

  • No cheat meals

The challenge comes from the fact that you do this for 75 days and if you miss even one thing, you go back to the beginning.    The actions are not as hard as the mental challenge.  I call this a mental challenge and not a diet or exercise challenge.  The mental aspect is the hardest part of it.

The 75 Hard has been a challenge, but it has brought some amazing benefits.  This is similar to any challenge men go through.  Hard things are necessary in our life as men because they bring out the best in us.  If we live a life with no challenges, we would get bored and lazy.  Hard things are good for us as men because they Force Creativity and Force Focus.

Force Creativity

  • Going through hard things force us as men to find creativity that we often didn’t know we had.  Many very successful businessmen have discovered the “secret” to their business while going through a hard time with it.  Hard times force us to think differently and see things from different angles.  This brings new creativity to our brains.

  • The key to creativity is to put yourself in challenging situations so you access that part of your brain routinely.  If we are never challenged and just exist each day doing the exact same things, we miss out on a very important part of our brain.  That is why men should routinely challenge themselves in different ways.  It wakes up creativity they didn’t know they had.

Force Focus

  • When going through a hard time, we often gain a new type of focus.  Everything may be swirling around inside of our brain, but we are forced to focus on what is the most important thing at the moment.  This is a key focus that many men are never able to tap into because they do not put themselves in hard situations.  

  • Hard things bring a new level of concentration and often help us learn patience.  These are qualities that successful men must showcase.  Too many men cannot concentrate and do not have patience today because they never challenge themselves and are used to comfort.  When things get uncomfortable, instead of embracing the uncomfortableness, too many men run the other way.  We must learn to embrace hard things because it brings out the best in us as men.

What have you done lately to challenge yourself?

You may not do something like the 75 hard, but what are you doing?

If you aren’t really challenging yourself, you are hurting your own abilities as a man.

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