Why Men Need Hunger

As a teen, pizza never tasted as good as it did after a football game.  When I was in Jr. High and the early years of high school, I played football and we had a tradition of going to get pizza after a game.  I always felt like I was starving and the pizza always tasted amazing.  The pizza probably wasn’t as great as I thought it was, but my hunger made the pizza extra delicious.  Life is like that for us as men.  When we are hungry for life, we enjoy it a whole lot more.  

Too many men today live life with very little hunger.  I’m not really talking about food hunger as much as a hunger to experience life fully.  Men often get caught up in the world of safety and comfort and those become the dominating passions of their life.  They want to create a safe and comfortable world.  This desire for safety has caused many men to live a complacent life.  However, men are designed to live an adventurous life!  This doesn’t mean every man will go climb a mountain.  What it does mea, is that men will live their life to the fullest.  They choose to live each day using their gifts and abilities in impactful ways.  

Every man must find ways to stay hungry.  They must seek to make choices that drive them ahead and break them out of the safety and complacency so easily accepted.  They do this by Seeking New Foods and Embracing Movement.

Seeking New Foods

  • Using the example of food, I am amazed at how many men never try new foods.  They miss out on so much when they stay with the same meals day in and day out.  In the same way, too many men get stuck in a way of living and they never try new things.  They don’t seek to grow and expand their abilities or experiences because they want to stay safe.  This causes many men’s growth to be stunted and their effectiveness as husbands, fathers, friends and coworkers begins to deteriorate.

  • When it comes to life, some men are risk takers and some are risk averse.  Those are personality traits we are all born with.  However, all men choose whether or not they will try new things in life.  Men don’t have to be risk takers to try and become a better communicator with their wife or their children.  However, some men are so scared of their teenagers and connecting with them, they avoid opportunities which present themselves.  Men must seek new ways to connect which means trying new things out.  Yes, this can be uncomfortable, but the chance for growth is definitely worth it.

Embracing Movement 

  • Whenever we are working hard and moving around we get hungry.  There is something satisfying about eating a good solid meal after a long day of hard work.  This comes from the fact that we were moving and doing something.  Life is like that.  Choosing to live our lives and not be at the whim of every “emergency,” does not happen by accident.  It takes hard work to live on purpose and not just survive.  Many men are stuck in survival mode today.  Just doing enough to get by and not really being hungry for life.

  • Living a life of purpose and meaning must be done intentionally.  We must embrace our purpose as men, and seek to live it out everyday.  This brings movement to our life and will naturally get us hungry for more of life.  As men live in survival mode, they will usually only seek “virtual” escapes from life.  That is why so many men are struggling with things like gaming and porn addictions.  Those have become their only escape from a life in survival mode.  However, as men choose to live an intentional purpose-filled life, those “virtual” escapes lose their power.

How hungry are you for life?  Are you charting your course and living on purpose, or just surviving day to day?

There is so much more to life as men than survival.  We are called to live our adventure!  Start seeking to live on purpose and you’ll see your hunger return.

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