Why Thanksgiving is Hard

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Thanksgiving is the forgotten holiday.  The Christmas season has engulfed it and many people just see it as the day before Black Friday.  I’m not bashing that, it just is what it is.   However, it does speak to some realities that I wanted to touch on.  I think one of the reasons we just move past Thanksgiving is because we have lost the ability to be truly thankful.  This isn’t because we have gotten hard hearted but because we have become so achievement oriented that we often don’t stop long enough to be thankful.  Our focus gets set on the next thing and we forget to be thankful for the past.  Why is that?  Here are a couple of thoughts:

1- Things Don’t Give Thanks

  1. When we allow ourselves to be controlled by things, we can’t give thanks because we will always want something else.  Apple will always come out with a new phone.  The new TV’s are bigger and clearer than the one you just bought.  When we are always working for things and finding our purpose in them, we can’t give thanks.

  2. When things own us, our life is not our own.  Things will control us and become relentless taskmasters who always work us and make us their slaves.  Many of us have bought into the things lie.  We think the next (__________) will bring us the happiness and peace we seek.  It won’t!  We will just move on to the next thing.

2- Outward Validation Never Stops

  1. When our validation as a man is only from the outward, we don’t have the ability to give thanks.  We have to keep working to show people that we are good or that we are successful.  When our validation comes from outward achievements instead of inward purpose, we can never stop.  Our drive will consume us because our purpose is always out there somewhere and we are trying to grab it. Our need for validation will keep us from being thankful because there will always be more to do.

  2. When our worth as a man only comes from outside achievements, we will always run after them and never take the time to enjoy where we live in the moment.  The workaholic, the sports fanatic, and the player are all types who are so busy trying to find their validation that they never stop to really be thankful.  Too often the family will be the one who pays the price for the man who runs after his outward validation.  Their wife and children can make excuses, but the message to them is clear, “You aren’t enough.”

This is not meant to bash you, but to help you wake up.  Society has lied to you and is pushing you to run after things that will never satisfy you.  You have your own adventure to live!  When you are living someone else’s adventure, you can’t give thanks because your are living someone else’s purpose and not your own.  

Let this Thanksgiving season be one where you take the time to ask the question, “What is my purpose?” & “What kind of adventure do I want to live?”


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