Your Personal D-Day

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This last week I really enjoyed seeing all the celebrations of D-Day.  When you learn the history and all that went into D-Day, you can’t help but feel awe.  The sacrifice and hard work were amazing.  We essentially switched from defense to offense and the war didn’t last much longer in Europe. As men, I think we fight defensively instead of offensively too often.  We allow circumstances or other people to control and assign us our place in life.  This should change!  You are called to live an adventure that no one else can live!  You have gifts and abilities that should be put to use as men.  Here are two mind shifts that will help you declare your personal D-Day!!

Thought Offense

  1. Self-Talk is one of the strongest weapons that attack us.  We have thoughts that constantly go through our minds like: “I’ve blown it” “I’m a failure” “I never seem to get a break” “I guess this is just the way I am.”  If we are not careful, this self-talk can cause us to not live up to our potential.

  2. I’ve struggled with self-talk for years and am still having to battle it.  The key is to move from defense to offense.  Take control of your thoughts and put them in a new direction.  The only person who can change your self-talk is you.

Friendship Offense

  1. WW2 was won by the allies fighting together.  D-Day is full of stories of the different allies working together.  Everything wasn’t perfect and there were many problems, but they won.  Too often we as men try to fight alone.  We think it is macho or we don’t want to have to answer to anyone.

  2. The problem with fighting alone is we lose a whole lot easier.   If you are struggling, why struggle alone?  You need to find a group of guys to become allies with.  You can help them and they can help you.

Now is the time to declare your personal D-Day!

Start noticing the negative self-talk and replace it.

Find a group of guys to connect regularly with.

D-Day took planning and work.  Your adventure as a man takes the same thing, but you CAN do it!


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